Tasting Colombia, a different way to discover our country.

What is Tasting Colombia?

Tasting Colombia is a platform that allows travelers visiting Colombia, to experience our country in a delightful and unique way. We provide original and gastronomic experiences in 5 food categories: Cooking classes, Sustainable Food Experiences, Clandestine Dinners, Vegan Activities, and Innovative Tastings, guided by a local foodie. Currently, we have experiences in 5 cities in Colombia: Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali and La Guajira.

Our stand- out element

Tasting Colombia is building a network of Colombian foodie insiders. In this platform, you’ll find original and sustainable gastronomic activities, carefully designed and executed by native entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to show the world the best of Colombia through its gastronomy. According to its founder, Adriana Gonzalez “We generate a positive impact in our economy by supporting every stage on the value chain- from local farmers to starting entrepreneurs”.

However, this effect it’s not only at an economic level but also at a social one. This is because we have an alliance with El Origen Foundation. For every sold activity, Tasting Colombia will donate one dollar to this non- profit organization that educates Wayuu indigenous entrepreneurs in order to reduce extreme poverty in La Guajira, Colombia.

Meet some of our Strategic Partners

El Origen Foundation, entrepreneurs making a difference

El Origen Team and students

El Origen and Tasting Colombia, are joining forces in order to design and promote a unique experience where visitors traveling to La Guajira will be able to meet and interact with the Wayuu community. Travelers will learn about their lifestyle in a traditional rancheria. Customers will also get the opportunity to have a guided cooking class, where they’ll taste the typical indigenous dish and learn everything about the artisanal process of making their liquor, Chirrinchi. By purchasing this experience, our customers are contributing to the development and education of over 200 people from the Wayuu community.

Daniel, Botanical Seeker

Daniel, Edible Plants explorer

Meet Daniel, after working in a restaurant in the USA, he discovered one of his biggest passions was researching and unveiling the benefits of edible plants. Once, back in his country, he developed a beautiful project in Bogota’s countryside, an edible flowers, and plants greenhouse. Nowadays he provides the best natural ingredients to well-know restaurants in Colombia. During this journey, travelers will be able to immerse themselves in an authentic and sustainable experience, connecting with its owners and sampling assorted botanical plants native of the Andean Region.

Luisa and Walter, Distillate Innovators

Luisa and Walter, outstanding innovators

When Luisa and her family arrived in Colombia, they fell in love with the mouthwatering fruits of the region( such as uchuva and Feijoa) and created the purest and most sustainable Colombian Eau de vie. Elaborated with natural water ( from Chingaza’s moorland), fresh fruits and tons of love. They also developed a concept, named Agrarian rum, a high-quality drink done with a unique source: a sugar cane grown 850mts above sea level, allowing to preserve the perfect aroma! Currently, they are planning to create a Colombian chocolate liquor. It is definitely an off the beaten path activity that visitors won’t want to miss in Bogota’s Countryside. To find out more this experience, click here.

Paula, Slow Food Ambassador

Paula, Slow Food Movement ambassador in Colombia

Paula is a young Colombian entrepreneur who discovered her deepest passion recovering the ancient tradition of ice cream elaboration-before electricity was produced! Locally named as Helado de Paila. Paula also cooperates with the Slow Food Movement Organization, fighting against the disappearance of local and traditional food practices. Thanks to her amazing job, she’s been awarded by several institutions in Colombia on her duty of preserving this beautiful and tasty practice. Want to know more about her workshop? Meet her in Cartagena or Barranquilla.

Andrea, passionate fruits lover

Tasting Colombia
Andrea, boutique grocery store owner

After an abroad experience in France and the USA, Andrea re-encountered her friend and current partner Laura (who also lived outside Colombia) and they both agreed that fruits were one of the things they missed the most during their journey. They also noticed that people from other countries were dazzled by the variety of fruits in Colombia. Clearly they saw a business opportunity and decided to create a new concept, a Boutique Grocery Store where they could showcase fruits and also local creations from Colombian designers. For travelers, Andrea and Laura developed sensorial fruits experiences through their Blindfolded Tasting and Cocktails Experience. in Bogota.

What are our plans in 2020?

We are currently designing new experiences and planning on opening new destinations, but our main goal is to keep promoting our brand and position Colombia in the Sustainable food tourism market.

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