Sensorial Edible Flowers Experience and Colombian liquors in the Countryside

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Embark on one of the best farm and food tours that will allow you to discover Bogota’s Countryside in a sustainable and entertaining way. Our Senorial Edible Flowers and Colombian distilled liquors Experience will blow your mind away.

About the experience

Our farm and food tours will start with the  Edible flowers experience (around an hour away from Bogotá). This guided tour will start with a visit to the greenhouse. Your local guide will introduce you to some amazing Colombian species ( native to the Andean region). Learn everything about their characteristics and benefits.

This place is magical not only for its assorted flowers, herbs and plants but for its location, close to the natural moorlandChingaza. From the farm, you’ll be dazzled by the landscape- as you witness the valley, the Andean Mountains and have a 360º view of the crops. While contemplating them, you’ll have an “On Farm” experience by tasting assorted edible plants and pairing it with a nice conversation and  Colombian music.

The next stop will be a farm where Colombian distilled liquors are elaborated. Here you’ll meet Walter the owner, and he’ll explain everything about how typical fruits and such as uchuva or feijoa and natural water               ( coming from the moorland)are involved in the artisanal process.   By the end of the explanation, you’ll be able to sample the different drinks, not only the liquors done with fruits but other varieties such as  Agrarian Rum, a special rum created with a unique source:  sugar cane grown 850mts above sea level, which allows preserving the perfect aroma.

Our farm and food tours will be the top off the beaten path activity in Bogota’s countryside.

About the hosts

Daniel and his family are botanical seekers and love the organic industry. After abroad experience and working at a restaurant, Daniel came back to study more about edible plants and started a family-run business a couple of years ago. Currently, he sells these products to well-known local restaurants in Bogota.

Walter on the other hand, is an entrepreneur that fell in love with Colombian fruits and had an amazing idea on developing new liquors using natural sources. He still applies artisanal techniques and works on producing high-quality Colombian products.

To find out more about them click here.

What’s Included

  •  Guided Tour around the greenhouse
  • Farm on table: Sample assorted edible flowers, plant sprouts and micro mezclum harvested on the dining table.
  • Elaboration of a dish with edible plants
  • Preparation of a drink with exotic botanicals.
  • Souvenir for each traveler
  • Guided tour at the liquor’s farm
  • Sample assorted Colombian plants
  • Private transportation from- Andino Mall and back.

Additional Information

  • Duration: 5 to 5.30 hrs
  • Languages: Spanish and  English
  • Meeting Point: Andino Mall (main entrance)
  • Please email us to hello@tastingcolombia.com for special requests.
  • Groups: Minimum 2- Maximum 15
  • Price List
         USD per person
    2  $ 200
    3 $ 182
    4 $ 144
    5 $ 95
    6 or + $85
  • This is a Private Experience (with transportation included)
  • We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and sunscreen.
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