cartagena colombia cooking class

Meet the locals: Jaris & Jaime ambassadors of sustainable consumption

Looking for an off the beaten path experience in Cartagena? Meet Jaris and Jaime, two Colombians with an inspiring story where sustainable products and Colombian culinary traditions converge. Where did the idea came from? Jaris is a young entrepreneur, from Los Montes de Maria, a rural area located in the Caribbean that a few years […]

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Colombian arepas recipes

Quarantine Dishes: 4 easy Colombian arepas recipes

Arepas are one of the most important and representative Colombian appetizers or amasijos. They are as simple as tasty, and a perfect option to prepare during Quarantine or if you are looking for a simple but innovative recipe to cook at home. Here you’ll find out 4 different Colombian arepas recipes. 1. Classic arepas with […]

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what is aguardiente

What is Aguardiente and how locals in Colombia drink it

Aguardiente is Colombia’s national alcoholic beverage. In this post, you’ll find about its flavor, brands and how locals like to drink it. What does “aguardiente” means? This word comes from the Latin word aqua ardens, associated with “an eau de vie”, doctors used to say, it was medicine bringing joy and relieving pain. It is […]

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social dining in Bogota

Meet the locals: Ana and Miguel introducing the flavors of the Pacific

Ana and Miguel decided to showcase the best and most authentic flavors of the Pacific in a tasty dining experience in Bogota. Want to learn more about them and their inspiration? Then don’t miss this post… About the hosts and their passion Two years ago, this couple originally from Bucaramanga, Colombia, decided to leave their […]

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meet the locals

Sustainable food practices at home and while traveling

More than ever we need to change our habits and start adopting sustainable food practices while traveling and at home. Check out this post and find out more about sustainable cooking that will help on a daily basis and while traveling. During the past years and with the impact of Covid 19, people are becoming […]

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travel with a purpose

5 Ways to travel with a purpose ( more than just a trend)

The new challenges that Covid is bringing to our lifestyles are giving us the opportunity to recreate our way of thinking and behavior towards the planet. This will also impact our travel decisions in the future. Let’s find out 6 ways to travel with a purpose. And suddenly… while humans are facing really hard times, […]

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innovative tastings

4 amazing Bogota vegan food tours

Colombia could be considered a paradise for vegan travelers, we have a wide variety of fruits, plants, and tubers used for traditional Colombian preparations. We can attribute this to the array of cultures, territories and thermal floors. In Bogota, you will be able to find the best products from the Andean Region, but also from […]

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3 must-visit Bogota markets

Bogota markets are experiencing a transformation and had become some of the most interesting places to visit. Not only for its local scene but for its nomination to the best restaurants in town! Find out 3 favorites. 1. La Perseverancia Market This market has been declared a Cultural Heritage site of the city. In 2019 […]

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Bogota with kids

What to do in Bogota with kids

So you decided to visit Colombia on your next family trip, and Bogota is on your list of places to visit. Even it is considered a city for business, there are plenty of exciting things to do with kids. Find out our 4 must-do activities with kids: 1.Tailor-made Cooking Class with children If you are […]

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Tasting Colombia, a different way to discover our country.

What is Tasting Colombia? Tasting Colombia is a platform that allows travelers visiting Colombia, to experience our country in a delightful and unique way. We provide original and gastronomic experiences in 5 food categories: Cooking classes, Sustainable Food Experiences, Clandestine Dinners, Vegan Activities, and Innovative Tastings, guided by a local foodie. Currently, we have experiences […]

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