We are a group of foodie insiders  that  have in common two things: the love for our country and its gastronomy.
 Through our  cuisine, we want to show travelers visiting Colombia, the best that the country has to offer. Our off the beaten path activities allow visitors to get a deeper knowdlege of Colombia and promote the preservation of our culture.

Tasting Colombia

Adriana Gonz├ílez- CEO   

After an abroad experience in Mexico and working at a gastronomic Startup in Spain, Adriana came back to Bogota with the purpose of promoting both the traditional and the updated concepts of the gastronomic scene in Colombia by creating Tasting Colombia.

“Tasting Colombia allows foodie travelers to get to know the true escence of the country by sampling  both traditional and innovative  initiatives of Colombian food, guided by local experts.

We generate a positive impact in our economy by supporting every stage on the value chain- from local farmers to small entrepreneurs”.

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colombian vegan food cooking class

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Tasting Colombia

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Tasting Colombia

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